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Jerry's Promise & Standards of Integrity

I am proud to have partnered with the fine professionals from The Everest Group. I can assure you that the Top 10 list that we provide you are the finest casinos on the Internet.


I have certain quality standards because if I recommend a low-quality casino then it reflects poorly on me. I review all casinos that The Everest Group's "Best Bet System" selects and have final approval for inclusion in the Top 10 List.


Only casinos I trust have a place on that list. I feel confident that these casinos are safe places for players to put their money and I intend to keep it that way. My promise is that if they are unable to resolve a dispute with one of the casino's appearing on the Top 10 List after playing at that casino, I will help as an arbitrator. The following are my standards for both the casino and the player.

What is expected of the casino:

  1. The casino will abide by its own rules.

  2. The casino will pay players in a timely manner.

  3. The casino will respond to player inquiries in a timely manner.

  4. The casino will cooperate with my arbitration in the event of a dispute. If I find in the player's favor the casino will pay the player or its ad will be removed without refund.

  5. The casino may stop a player from future bonuses but may not retroactively punish a player for past alleged bonus abuse. It is unacceptable to seize existing funds, whether deposits, earned bonuses, or winnings for reasons of bonus abuse. If the player has partially completed play towards a bonus and the casino deems the player a bonus abuser the player should be paid the bonus on a pro-rata basis according to play completed.

What is expected of the player:

  1. The player will carefully read and abide by the casino's rules.

  2. The player will supply any requested documents.

  3. The player will act in good faith. It is fine to play for a bonus but the player will not attempt to defraud the casino.

  4. The player will try to resolve a dispute on his own before asking for my help.

Jerry Whittaker's Promise


All online casinos appearing on this site are personally chosen and endorsed by me. These are casinos that I trust. If you play at any casino appearing on the Top 10 List and a dispute results, I will help as an arbitrator.


Jerry-Help Me!


Should you have a problem with any of the casino's appearing on the Top 10 List, send me an email with all the pertinent facts and I will start the arbitration process. Send your email to


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